Jae Hong Ahn

Email: ahnjaehong@kaist.ac.kr

Phone: 042-350-2991

Office: N25 #3228, KAIST

291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 34141, Republic of Korea






Scientific analysis of the scanned model can enhance the interpretation of heritage. Adequate visualization methods can reveal geometric features of the model clearly and enhance perception. A master plan has been built for Digital Heritage Museum that opens in the near future. It will use various interactive digital technologies that enable visitors to experience cultural heritage in a participatory way. In this project, we seek to extend the digitization techniques to multi-light reflectance, CT scanning, and photogrammetry. We also develop a virtual restoration method and a 3D digital heritage model visualization and analysis tool.



Research Area

Advanced digital techniques such as 3D scanning have increased the accuracy of measurements for heritage recording. We study how 3D scanning can record historic monuments more efficiently(cf. scan planning), and how 3D scan data can be utilized for analysis, interpretation, and restoration of cultural heritage(cf. virtual restoration, perception enhancement, geometric analysis).


Virtual heritage extends its role in the cultural heritage domain, and 3D acquisition technologies and VR is clarifying outlook. We develop virtual heritage applications for effective dissemination of cultural heritage.
Changes in society and technology have reshaped how museums function in the digital age. We study how digital technology and virtual heritage can enhance a visitor’s experience at a museum.




디지털유산-문화유산의 3 차원 기록과 활용 (시그마프레스)